Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is different from regular stretching, in that a therapist performs it. The certified therapist uses a combination of stretching techniques, such as PNF, that allow your muscles to be completely relaxed, and then the fascia is released. In addition, Fascial Stretch Therapy focuses on the fascia, which is the overlay of the muscles and joints. Hence it promotes long-term flexibility. The fascial release is what alleviates the ill effects of stress. It is a gentle therapy for restoring joint mobility, improving flexibility, eliminating body trigger points and improving overall musculo-skeletal health.

Sometimes we overuse our bodies, and at times we don’t use our bodies enough. Regardless of the route, every day physical and emotional stresses take their toll. Overtime, stress causes your fascia — the fibrous connective tissue enveloping your muscles, bones and joints — to tighten, pinching nerves, compressing blood vessels, limiting joint mobility and triggering chronic pain and discomfort.

“99% of people benefit greatly Fascial Stretch Therapy to bring their body to an optimal level of function mentally & physically.”


  • Decrease Joint & Muscle Pain

    Tight, inflexible muscles often pull on bones and joints causing the bone or joint to misalign, causing aches & pains

  • Decreased Headaches & Improved Circulation

    Blood vessels pass through our muscles and joints. Tight muscles restrict blood flow as they compress on the blood vessels

  • Improved Posture & Alignment

    Releasing imbalnaced tension allows bones and joints to resume proper alignment

  • Move Freely

    Restricted muscles decrease our ability to move around pain-free. Improving Range of Motion allows us to move more and more freely

Fascial Stretch Therapy Rates

1 Session


60 min sessions

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5 Sessions


60 minute sessions

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90 minute session

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