Our team consists of Kinesiologists with a wide base of knowledge  to carry out Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomic Assessments, Functional Movement Screening, Return to Work programs, and Stretch Therapy.

We provide the highest level of service as all our sessions are on-one-one.

Our main areas of service are Burnaby and Surrey/Langley. 

If there is another location you are inquiring about, please contact us as with our growing team we may be able to accommodate your needs.

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Our Team Leaders

Asma Kassam, BHK

Jessica Walesch, BKin





  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics – UBC
  • Certified Group Fitness Leader
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
  • First Aid & Emergency CPR
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology – UFV
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Active Isolated Stretch Therapist
  • CPR & First Aid


  • Weight Loss/Strengthening/Core
  • Active Rehabilitation from Motor Vehicle Accident or Injury
  • Corrective exercise
  • Back pain


  • Active Rehabilitation
  • Stretch Therapy & soft tissue release
  • Functional fitness training
  • Injury prevention

Asma graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics. She has since been fitness training and doing Active Rehab full-time in Burnaby & Vancouver.

For 8 years Asma worked in corporate fitness – on sites such as Best Buy/Future Shop Canada, Translink, and EA Sports.

In 2015 Asma completed her designation as a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, and is able to provide the best nutrition advice for people based on their individual needs.

“Exercise is the cheapest and most effective form of therapy available. Achieving a balance in physical and mental health is the definition of being fit. Exercising promotes a positive mental state, healthy eating, and and allows you to exude positive vibes to those around you.”

Jessica graduated from the University of Fraser Valley with the Dean’s medal of excellence for health sciences. During that time she took part in concussion research, firefighter research, cold therapy research and coordinated FASD research.

Jessica’s interest in Kinesiology arose after a car accident when she worked with a Kinesiologist, which not only helped rehabilitate her injuries, but helped change her emotional and physical health. From this experience, Jessica chose to change and start leading a fit and active lifestyle.  

Jessica takes immense pride in her work as a Fascial Stretch Therapist. She finds some clients achieve even greater results when soft tissue release is incorporated into FST sessions. Her ability to gauge and challenge tissue flexibility has helped many people decrease pain, rehabilitate injuries, and prevent future injuries.