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How to Heal Injuries in Your 40’s

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Hi lovers & friends!  SOOOO happy to be writing this piece.  Introduction: Since the beginning of my time in health and fitness(16 years ago), the main age of my clients has been around 40. Being almost 40 now myself (37) I have had the privilege of walking alongside SO many …

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Breakdown vs. Building behaviours

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Over the past few years, I have transitioned out of Personal Training, and into Health & Fitness Coaching to help people in their 30’s and 40’s get their body’s out of a Catabolic state (Breakdown) and into an Anabolic (Building) state. Catabolic State Cellular breakdown Plateau-like feeling  Difficulty achieving health …

Hydration, Plantar Fascia, and Core Strength

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Today I would like to share 3 hot health and fitness tips surrounding Hydration, Plantar Fascia (bottom of your feet), and Core Strength. These 3 tips can help your body burn fat easier, achieve better mechanics and mobility, and greatly improve your core strength. Although these tips  might seem small, …

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Why Doing the Hip Flexor Stretch Isn’t Going to Help You

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Good day Kings and Queens! Today I am writing a long-overdue post since this video on hip flexor AKA Psoas muscle stretching.  I understand it is encouraged by Personal Trainers, Therapists, and other individuals in our industry. While they are very right that you may likely need some work on …

5 Steps to Fully Recover from Injury or Pain

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As a Kinesiologist and Fascial Stretch therapist specializing in long-term injuries or holding patterns, I see peoples body’s as a set of wires.  These wires sometimes cross, become weak, become overdeveloped, and in general have a restrictive effect on the physical body. Sometimes it is visible and or known, and …

In a Society Where More Equals Better

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In a society where being ‘hard-working’ is badge of honour, we also need to be able to recognize and discern what is truly best for our health each day. I work with many people who exercise a lot. This is great as exercise is very important for physical and mental …

How to Recover the Day After a Hard Workout

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Something I hear often from my Stretch Therapy clients who exercise often or exercise with a Personal Trainer, is that they feel they need to stretch more. Strength training is amazing, AND yes it does tighten up the Fascial network. Like muscle, fascial tissue also has contractile properties. So as …

The Cravings Are Not in Your Head (Ladies!)

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As I finish writing the 4th chapter of Find Your Flow – my 6 week program to help women find alignment in their health and fitness, my main goal is to bring awareness and understanding to the natural rhythms of the female body. For example – let’s talk about our …