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Why do you have a fascial stretch therapy program and not just single sessions or session packages.

The short answer is that single sessions are a waste of time, energy, and money for you. Booking in when YOU think you need it, seeing multitude of therapists, or falling on and off the wagon likely has left you in a plateau’d state of healing. You may have the same complaints for years, or you may have different ones. The most powerful ingredient of healing is the gentle commitment to yourself. Having a Health, Fitness, and Mobility professional coach who specializes in and has helped multiple people through their blocks is essential to not waste more time. In addition, emotions like frustration, confusion, and disassociation do come up during healing. This is when most people give up because in traditional sessions there is no time, emphasis or enough trust & safety to get support with emotional blocks. If we don’t work through the emotional and lifestyle blocks, injury rehab plateaus and the client is left still in pain, after wasting all that money. As for single sessions, there are many amazing local Fascial Stretch Therapists that offer single sessions. Most of the people that land in my space, are at a point in their life where they are in need of a holistic & personalized approach depending on what they’ve already gone through. If you truly want to heal, I am all in with you. I am there to support you 1:1 throughout our time together, as well as come up with a clear plan of action for you to do on your own.

Why is your calendar closed to new bookings?

I am most impactful when I am not overloaded with a variety of cases and energies. Fascial work itself is intuitively guided and I find it necessary to have full presence with each person. In addition, the waitlist is a process that allows both the potential client and myself to decipher if this program is the right fit.

What type of results can I expect in 10 weeks?

Setting the right goals is essential. I always work with my clients to make sure their goals are attainable and results-based. Most of my clients achieve their 10 week goal by week 8 because the goal is so specific, and so aligned for what they need. Their action plan is clear. For example, a client of mine was having blocks to do their corrective exercises. We found out, the issue was they didn’t have energy to do their exercises at the end of the day. In addition, they felt the sheet of exercises they were given by a previous professional was confusing, and wasn’t sure how to do them mindfully and correctly. We created a plan for them to stabilize their energy levels. In addition, updated the routine and went over each exercise The client found the additional cueing impactful. We also recorded that session, so they just flipped on the 30 minute recording when it was time to exercise. This client’s success was fulfilling to be apart of and witness. After 3 rounds of this program, they were motivated to continue with me. We decided to refer the client to a skilled Personal Trainer who could monitor the progress while carrying the client on and up with their fitness goals! AMEN!!!

What if I am not sure if I am a good candidate?

Usually people who land here have an intuitive sense of what their body needs. Best to get on the waitlist, first. Once you do that you will receive 5 questions to fill out. Once you have filled out the questions, Asma will be in touch with you to discuss.

What exactly is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a hands-on modality for restoring joint mobility, improving flexibility, preventing injuries, and improving overall musculo-skeletal health.

FST is different from regular stretching, in that a therapist performs it, which allows for complete muscular relaxation. The certified therapist uses a combination of stretch techniques that prepare muscle elasticity, and then the fascia is released. In addition, FST focuses on the fascia, which is the overlay of the muscles and joints hence, it promotes long-term flexibility. The fascial release is what alleviates the ill effects of physical and emotional stress.