ICBC Claim: What is a Direction to Pay?

Our commitment is to provide excellent Active Rehabilitation to people in need. In the event ICBC does not fund Active Rehabilitation sessions, the client is responsible to pay for their own treatment. Sometimes, it is a financial strain for clients to make the per session payments upfront despite how much they are in need of rehabilitative treatment. For clients who are financially strained due to their lack of ability to work, we offer a Direction to Pay program.

What is Direction to Pay?

The Direction to Pay program is a program established for a those who have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident. The written agreement is established between us and the clients lawyer. The client must have lawyer representation in order to be eligible for this program.

Once enrolled, the client can begin his/her Active Rehabilitation program, which will allow the client to attend sessions without paying the session dues upfront. The session dues are accumulated until the client’s case has been settled (or otherwise agreed upon terms with ourselves and the law firm).

We charge a 15% interest annually on all Direction to Pay files.

Please feel free to contact us for more information to find out how you can enrol in the Direction to Pay program.