Injury Rehab Consult & Percussion Therapy

To create lasting change and healing, the body requires new neural input & feedback.

Percussion Therapy

The percussion therapy used is gentle enough to create movement through the deeper layers of your body’s Myofascial System. When we can loosen deep myofascial adhesions, the unraveling of compensatory patterns can occur, and pain and discomfort decrease. Old injuries and old patterns require a few sessions in order for movement to be created. During the first session, you will be assessed and informed on findings and recommendations.

A large benefit of this Percussion therapy is it also creates movement through the Lymphatic system.
Releasing Lymphatic congestion is something I highly recommend when on a healing journey.

A high-level of hydration is requested 24 hours before and 24 hours after the session.

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  • Movement through the lymphatic system
  • Gentle stimulation for movement of deeper fascial layers
  • New neurological input - transformational for body awareness and healing
  • Reduction in blood pooling and overall stagnation in circulation
  • Reduction in swelling and puffiness

What people experience

Testimonial #1

"If you get an opportunity to work with Asma I would strongly recommend you take it. She is amazing and life changing! I had tried other therapies without success and wondered if this was going to be another waste of time. Thank God I was wrong. The medical professionals kept referring to my age and saying it was related to arthritis and I would eventually need surgery. Asma was a god send for me. At 53 yrs old she helped me become stronger not only physically but mentally also. Beware, she is a task master and excepts you to do your home exercises dilgently but teaches them to you so well that there is no excuse not to succeed. She is very devoted and cares about her clients. You really have sense of well being and feeling good without taking any drugs! The bonus for me was I also lost 40 lbs and now totally have a new outlook on life. You really can push your body to new levels with the right support and guidance. She is worth every penny because its the best thing you can do for yourself. To me she is AMAZING ASMA!!"

Testimonial #2

"I injured myself in my upper back/chest area over 7 years ago. Nobody seems to be able to properly diagnose this pain issue and I have tried all sorts of treatment options out there. I have been seeing Asma since April and her fascial stretching and strengthening exercises are finally making the difference I've been looking for. Asma is not only professional and transparent, she also uses a holistic and personal approach. I am grateful for all her care and can definitely recommend AK."

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Hip Mobility: Internal Hip Rotation Stretch

One of the most beneficial stretches for people in their 30's and 40's. The circular motion to lubricate the hip joint & while relaxing the Nervous System in *new* positions.

Frozen Shoulder Injury Rehab

There are several considerations when treating the Glenohumeral joint. My techniques with this client involved: Fascial stretching - passive & active, joint conditioning, strengthening the shoulder girdle, and a few more techniques.