Myths About Kinesiologists!

Myth # 1 First of all – KINESI-WHO, what are Kinesiologists?

Kinesiology is a 4-year university degree program to learn ALL about the body mechanics (AKA Physics!), all the bones, their joints, the muscles.

For ex: MUSCLES:  The bicep muscle starts from the end of the shoulder blade and inserts into the elbow.

Except when we learn it, it was the (long head) bicep brachii muscle (different that the bicep brachialis – short head) originates at the supraglenoid tubercle which lies at the superior lateral aspect of the scapula and inserts into the radial tuberosity. 


We then use our scientific background to make the best choices for exercise prescription depending on each individual – their body mechanics, their injuries, their lifestlyle, their goals, etc.


Myth # 2 So you guys are like Physiotherapists right?

We are very different from Physiotherapists.   

Difference #1: If we are talking Injury Rehabilitation. Physiotherapists are one of the first stages in injury rehabilitation (normally you go to your GP with an injury and they will send you to a Physio or a Chiro).

(We highly recommend this phase in treatment)! 

Then once you are ready AKA have mastered all the possible gains with your Physiotherapist (or Chiropractor), they will likely recommend you now see someone who specializes in using exercise as the main treatment modality – AKA US =))))  



Difference # 2: When see a Kinesiologist, the main difference you will notice from previous stages of rehabilitation is the majority of each session will be spent going through strengthening exercises. (vs. Hands-on therapy)



Difference # 3: Kinesiologists will not ‘formally’ diagnose you as it is out of our scope. Though we make educated inferences, we do not diagnose things such as … arthritis for example.  Physiotherapists have an extra 2 years of school and are also able to diagnose musculo-skeletal injuries.



Difference # 4: Many Kinesiologists have been Personal Trainers during their university days. Since Kinesiology is exercise-based, having a Kinesiologist with personal training experience is a HUGE plus👌👌👌. At Active Kinetix, we only bring on Kins who have Personal Training experience as the ability to connect and communicate with the client is usually on point!


Myth # 3 Don’t you guys just do what Physio’s tell you?

If someone has been in a car accident and comes to us, it is considered Active Rehab. At Active Kinetix we pride ourselves as Movement Specialists. Our primary modalities are based on MOVEMENT – AKA exercise. The majority of our continuing education is based on various cutting edge exercise/active/movement-based research


If you missed yesterday’s video –check it out here!


Myth # 4 Do you guys only do Rehab?

I could go into a huge rant about how we don’t just do rehab but instead we’ve created this diagram that we believe simplifies the explanation:




Hope that helps! If you have questions – We’d love to hear from you! If you want to continue learning more, we promise our content is all FUN, INNOVATIVE, and INFORMATIVE!!! We don’t email out weekly, more like monthly, or whenever we really have something to share!!!


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