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So, you want to get stronger, heal, rehab, and take your nutrition to the next level?

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Time to get REFOCUSED

These sessions are designed to Move. You. Forward. Without failure.

Setting the appropriate goals is key to re-igniting your dopamine system and motivation.

Having a plan, and me to walk you through, this is a no failure zone as we adjust and refocus together.

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  • A no fail program designed to help you move forward toward your optimal health & body
  • 4 1:1 sessions w/ Asma (every week or every 2 weeks)
  • Weekly check-ins to establish focus
  • Access & guidance on what to focus on the online membership site containing exercises, nutrition tips, health coaching, educations, guest speakers, meditations, and much more.
  • The 4 weeks are designed to set you up on a weekly plan of action to help you implement the right principles

What people experience

Testimonial #1

"Asma embodies such warmth and compassion while delivering fiercely empowering info that helped me move forward. She knows. her. $h!t!! I've felt so supported in learning about the power of leaning into my natural intuition for increased fitness and strength -- exact opposite of what I've always believed about getting stronger! Asma is so encouraging in helping me to trust my body and the signals it gives me. So grateful for her and for the important work she's doing for women!"

Testimonial #2

"I turned 40 last year. When I finally admitted that I needed help, I obviously thought of Asma as she has always been a leader in the fitness industry in my eyes. I don't know why I waited so long to take the small leap of faith into getting support! I don't feel crazy as we work through each of my blocks. The subtle changes in my mind have somehow helped my body to feel more at ease and function better. I' recommend Asma's work to any woman thinking about it."

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Hip Mobility: Internal Hip Rotation Stretch

One of the most beneficial stretches for people in their 30's and 40's. The circular motion to lubricate the hip joint & while relaxing the Nervous System in *new* positions.

Frozen Shoulder Injury Rehab

There are several considerations when treating the Glenohumeral joint. My techniques with this client involved: Fascial stretching - passive & active, joint conditioning, strengthening the shoulder girdle, and a few more techniques.