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Why Doing the Hip Flexor Stretch Isn’t Going to Help You

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Good day Kings and Queens! Today I am writing a long-overdue post since this video on hip flexor AKA Psoas muscle stretching.  I understand it is encouraged by Personal Trainers, Therapists, and other individuals in our industry. While they are very right that you may likely need some work on …

5 Must-Know Pieces of Info For Your Health (Learned during my FST Certification)

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Last week I was in Arizona for the training to become a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. I’m excited to bring it back to Vancouver to help you with your movement challenges, things you want to improve, fitness goals, injury rehabilitation, and other pain in the butt issues you can’t seem …

Feeling Stiff?

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Not sure whose with me but I feel super stiff any time I have a lack of exercise routine! Whether I’m out of town or have a big project I’m working on, I’m always excited to get into the regimen, and to make sure I don’t hurt myself going back …