What Others Are Saying About Us

"If you get an opportunity to work with Asma I would strongly recommend you take it. She is amazing and life changing! I was a car accident victim and referred to her by another medical professional. I was very sceptical and in a lot of pain. I had tried other therapies without success and wondered if this was going to be another waste of time. Thank God I was wrong. It took some time but with her guidance and recommendations I started feeling better. I could not walk when I came to her and had started using a cane as my other leg was effected. The medical professionals kept referring to my age and saying it was related to arthritis and I would eventually need surgery. Asma was a god send for me. At 53 yrs old she helped me become stronger not only physically but mentally also. Beware, she is a task master and excepts you to do your home exercises dilgently but teaches them to you so well that there is no excuse not to succeed. She is very devoted and cares about her clients. Sometimes when the chronic pain was so much and I wanted to give up she didn't give up on me!! She would change my exercises and pushed me to new levels. I'm now a converted fan of kineslogoly and would strongly recommend it to everyone. She teaches you new strength exercises that you don't think are possible but amazed you can do them and continue to succeed and see how strong your body and mind become. You really have sense of well being and feeling good without taking any drugs! The bonus for me was I also lost 40 lbs and now totally have a new outlook on life. You really can push your body to new levels with the right support and guidance. She is worth every penny because its the best thing you can do for yourself. Her team is fabulous and all are very supportive and knowledgeable. I get so much postive feedback from others that I have referred them to Active Kinetix to start feeling better and happier. I want to help others and share my success with them. I give full credit to Asma and I'm so grateful she never gave up on me. She is very knowledgeable and not afraid to tell you if she can't help you. She really wants the best for her clients. Again, if you get an opportunity to work with her do it. Its the best thing you can do for yourself! To me she is AMAZING ASMA!!"


"I was in a car accident that cause too much trouble for me. I was weak and not able to move my neck well. I had pain on my muscles. I met Asma and her team and she started working with me step by step until I got well. She is amazing and care about her clients. I am honored to get to know her."


"I am a retired dentist, and after 43 years of compromised posture due to the job, I usually experience general neck and shoulder tension. I see the Kinesiologists at Active Kinetix to improve my fitness and strength since January. 2 weeks ago, I had a severe neck flare up while out of town that lasted about 1 week. Upon coming back into town, I attended my personal training session and told my Kinesiologist the issue. I was guarded and unsure of how this could be fixed other than with rest and medication. I was put on the floor and taken through mild shoulder /back / chest stretches, and muscle release exercises. Asma used a manual massage roller on me to ensure I would get a good nights sleep and could stop taking pain killers. The next day I was pleased to wake up to almost no pain.

After suffering for a full-week, this was a relief.

Lastly, to add another challenge, a few days later, I somehow hurt my right back/hip doing mild household activities. Thankfully, Asma advised they had an opening for a Fascial Stretch Therapy session the next day. The first time I did a Fascial Stretch Therapy session with Jessica, I had a great experience. She worked on my hips, neck and back. This time I had a session with Dave. He was also great and worked on my hips to help ease the acute low back pain I was experiencing. They both found my hip tightness to be the reason for my low back tension (and occasional flare ups). They explained this to me and how this was related. Being in my practice for 43 of years, I can see the information was relevant and I am working on it with them as well as the stretches they have given me.

I feel others can benefit from the work of these dedicated professionals. I would recommend them to anyone who has been experiencing ongoing issues, which not only affects our physical abilities and our health and fitness but also, experiencing any type of short or long-term discomfort weighs on our mental health eventually. Not worth it, it is fixable! My strong recommendation, the team at Active kinetix can help."


"I started here for active rehab because of pain and the inability to do some physical activities due to a car accident. Asma set me up with Jessica; I went from being inactive and weak to strong and excited to work out. I can't say enough good about this amazing team! Thank you!"


"I was referred to Active Kinetix (AK) for rehab in August 2016 due to complications from a car accident compounded with a slip and fall. My insurance company covered the first 8 sessions of active rehabilitation. What an amazing experience! The trainers/kinesiologists are exceptional at what they do. After only eight one-hour sessions, I had noticed such a huge improvement in mobility, flexibility and core strength and a significant reduction in pain and stiffness. I immediately signed up for 15 sessions of personal training. I am still a client of Active Kinetix doing things now that I never thought possible 16 months ago. The changes in my body, health and mindset amaze me! Yesterday, I tried a Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) session for the first time. I'm hooked! Last night I slept like a baby! My entire experience with AK has been an incredible journey - and I am not done yet!! I am excited to see what changes the next 16 months bring. If you are looking for active rehabilitation, personal training or FST, Active Kinetix is THE company you should contact!!"


"I can't say enough good things about my FST sessions. I've seen many chiropractors and physiotherapists in my lifetime to deal with fitness-related injuries - with little to no results.

I'm a 30 year old fitness enthusiast and have developed some nagging aches and pains over the years that I haven't paid much attention to over the last few years. I felt my shoulder begin to lead to neck tension so I called and talked to Asma to get more information. After learning more about the protocol knew it would be something I would benefit from.

My first 45 minutes of FST was more valuable than the $1000's I've spent elsewhere on my shoulder. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and gave me clear in-depth instructions and marching orders on what exercises to include and exclude in my program moving forward! Looking forward to my next session!!!

My dad has also booked his appointment as he is a busy body with some nagging aches and pains and I feel a session every month could fix him right up! Seriously, give these guys a try (you won't regret it)"


"I joined the Active Kinetix boot camp last year and it was the best decision I ever made! In addition to receiving excellent physical training, Asma has been amazingly supportive and knowledgeable with exercises and fitness tips that have helped me along my goal.

I have had personal training sessions with Marilyn and also recently have started seeing Samantha for Fascial Stretching. I recommend both highly. The Facial Stretching has helped me with my regular exercise routine, boot camp classes and I notice a huge difference when I run. The FST is now something I do more regularly.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Active Kinetix, I have increased my strength and energy, reduced lower back pain, have lost weight and sleep better. Also, I find the email newsletters very informative. The diet and stretching tips are my favorite. I can't imagine my life without AKF in it!"


"I started training at Active Kinetix Fitness with Asma about 4 months ago. It's been a very positive experience. The space is well designed, with lots of equipment perfect for my fitness requirements. Asma provides a customized plan that is suitable for my body! Each session is uniquely designed and challenges me in a different way. Her positive nature and happy spirit make working out more enjoyable!"


"What a wonderful experience I had today during my initial assessment with Jessica. I really feel that she has a good handle on my injuries and the complexities of my multiple accidents and injuries along with my back surgery. She was more than understanding and I feel like I am in good hands so thank you. I am looking forward to my program with her!"


"I have been working out with Active Kinetix throughout my entire pregnancy! I was a bit leery of the intensity of the workouts when I first found out I was pregnant..... but as I progressed, they altered the intensity of the workouts and I felt great! The workouts gave me the energy that I desperately needed; especially through the first & third trimester! I've really noticed how "strong" I've been feeling throughout. A lot of pregnant ladies I've met along my journey have all complained of their sore backs; but I honestly have not had a sore back at all! I know it's because of the core strengthening I was doing before and during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. I credit feeling great throughout my pregnancy all to working out and of course - eating healthy (give or take the bowl of ice cream I've had to indulge in here and there 😉 .....) I strongly encourage any pregnant lady out there to work out with Active Kinetix! I wouldn't have done it any differently :)"


"I am a certified Bikram Yoga teacher and enjoy many levels of fitness. Asma started training me about 3 months before my wedding so I could lose the extra pounds yoga just wouldn’t get rid of; within the first month I started to see results. She worked me harder then ever during our sessions, gave me a work out plan that I could do on my own, help with a balanced eating regime and even adapted the exercises to fit my low back issue. I felt Asma to be very personable, reliable and she kept me confident in meeting my fitness goals. I felt strong and beautiful on my wedding day and will be using her again soon to help shed the extra few post natal pounds I have to lose for the summer."


“I have been training with Active Kinetix about twice a week for about 6 months now, My initial purpose was to get into wedding-dress shape, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! Not only was I encouraged and motivated to do things I never thought I would ever be able to accomplish (pull-ups!) but I and everyone around me has noticed my body change and become more toned than I’ve ever had it before, despite being a generally active person. I’m feeling stronger, eating healthier, and have more energy. I love the team at Active Kinetix so much and I’m so excited to see how I look and feel on the day I actually get married! Thanks for making the gym such a truly enjoyable experience :)”


“I started with Active Kinetix in March of 2012 with the goal to drop a few pounds before my birthday; right away the team acknowledged my goals and made them their own. They started the process by taking the time to understand my diet and educate me on how what you eat can affect you. They taught me that making small changes over time can lead to die hard habits that stick with you for life. They created specific work out plans that suited my goals, my access to fitness equipment and my schedule. To think of it, the whole process barely required any time investment as workouts/stats and interactions were available on-line. I never in my entire life thought I could be where I am today especially after only 10-12 months of working with Active Kinetix. I have surpassed my goals and more by losing over 40 pounds of fat, 6 inches on my waist and I now have the ability to do things physically that I could never do before. My experience with Active Kinetix has changed my life forever. People tell me all the time how much better I look and all I can say is I have never felt younger. Thanks guys!”


"I started training at Active Kinetix 2 years ago as I was experiencing chronic back pain due to a curvature in my spine. The Kinesiologist takes me through an effective exercise program in which my progress has been remarkable. What helps motivate me big time is I am explained the purpose behind each exercise.”


"I saw Marilyn for Active rehab for my injuries after my car accident and I could not have asked for a better trainer. Our twice a week sessions were extremely beneficial. At the end of our program Marilyn gave me a routine to follow. She made sure I knew how to correctly do the exercises. I feel strong and confident to now exercise on my own.”


"No matter where you are starting from, the trainers at Active Kinetix have the ability to tailor their approach to the individual that also includes some laughs and a good butt kicking."


“Having always played multiple sports and maintained a decent weight, I didn’t realize my level of fitness, or lack thereof, until I started personal training with Asma. I can honestly say that I am in better shape today than I was at 25! I love Active Kinetix and what they have done for me physically and mentally. Asma’s knowledge of sport and fitness is undeniable. Her zest for life is contagious and working out with her is the BEST way to start out the day!”


"Asma and I have been working together for almost 4 years. Since then I have lost over 40 pounds and have increased my overall fitness immeasurably. Asma has always known how to keep me motivated – challenging me with exercises and coaching me on proper nutrition."