Toe and Foot Stretches to Help You Walk Properly

Take your shoes off anytime and try these stretches. Tip – they can be done seated 

We’re always busy stretching our hips etc so today’s Try’s This Tuesday we have foot and toe stretches which are often where various issues such as knee pain, hip tightness, low back, shoulder, and neck pain actually stem from.

(If you missed our previous blog post about Anatomy Trains, it my help you understand why you would want to do foot and toe stretches anyways)! 

This video will also be a helpful one to pass onto/tag anyone that has plantar fasciatis, heel pain, knee pain, foot issues, low back pain etc.


Our Kinesiologist, Jessica walks around barefoot all day to keep her feet from being restricted in a shoe – which eventually weakens the muscles, and if your shoes are stiff, your toe-off phase of walking will be essentially impossible.

Try these this week, and next week we’ll come at you with ‘footwear tips.’

Enjoy and as suggested in the vid see how many days / weeks it takes you to try and pick something off the floor with your feet!

Good luck and as always let us know how you need any assistance!