Frequently Asked Questions


What can a Kinesiologist do for me?

Kinesiologists are movements specialists.

Kinesiologists use a science-based approach to exercise and find the appropriate movements to improve each person’s body mechanics and fitness to help them achieve their goals and maintain a fit lifestyle. The importance of “Active Therapy” has been already well-accepted and encouraged by the medical communities. The body works in chains upper body to lower body. Kinesiologists use a holistic approach when assessing and formulating your program.


How many sessions do I need to get to where I want to be?

Depends on where you are starting and what your individual needs are.

Progress – is dependent on previous exercise experience, injuries, age, diligence in exercising between sessions.

Individual needs – if you need professional guidance from our movement specialists, as well as the motivation to exercise, we encourage people to mentally commit to a certain length of time. Results don’t come overnight however, our fitness professionals are committed to helping you get progressively fitter week by week.


How many days a week should I exercise?

The muscular system needs to be challenged consistently in order to become stronger and more functional (pain and injury-free). In general, most people do 2 sessions per week, and exercises for at least 30 minutes on 2 other days.


What should I do for exercise on my own?

We have put together an e-book based on most people’s needs. Download the programs at the bottom of this page/ask us for your free home exercise guide.


If I have pain, should I exercise?

Always be proactive. Correct exercises and stretches will likely alleviate pain symptoms. We want to break the cycle at the “restricted movement” point.

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I stretch regularly but still feel tight. Should I continue to stretch?

Repetitive tightness becomes progressively worse if not treated. If what you are currently doing is not working, time to reevaluate.


We offer a 30-minute free consultation and assessment to pin-point why and where the tightness is coming from. Multiple people benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy which ensures optimal flexibility and functionality. We may also recommend corrective exercises if there are muscle imbalances.


I was in a car accident? When should I come see a Kinesiologist?

We usually we recommend you see a physiotherapist or chiropractor first for some passive therapy. After you have had some passive form of treatment, Active Rehabilitation is highly recommended in order to strengthen your body and prevent further injury in the future.

Once you have been in a car accident, your body becomes susceptible to a domino-effect of injuries and occurrences that can affect your physical and mental health.  Speak to your doctor and therapist about when you can start your Active Rehabilitation program.