Stretches for Low Back Pain

Stretches to Prevent and Decrease Low Back Pain

Over time our bodies lose joint laxity, which puts excess stress on our muscles and furthermore, reduces our mobility.

The more we avoid stretching and exercising, the more stiff our joints become.

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Here are the stretches for the low back.

Remember: Stretches are done with ease and comfort and should not be painful. The goal of stretching is to lengthen the muscle fibres which cannot be done when the muscle fibers are put under excessive stretch.

Stretch #1: Cat/Camel

Stretch #2: Trunk rotation. This can also serve as a nice stretch and massage for the Quadratus Lumborum muscles (commonly referred to as the low back muscles)

Stretch #3: 90/90 Stretch for muscles surrounding the hip (LOVE this stretch!!!)

Stretch #4: Hip flexor stretch


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