Personal trainer doing glute exercise on a foam roller

Foam Roller Workout


It’s surprising (and amazing) how many people have a foam roller these days. Foam rolling is a great way to massage the tight, tender, and overactive muscles. If you do have a roller, here are some strengthening exercises you can do with it as well! 

With the foam roller you can do core exercises, glute exercises (which are extremely important, and everyone of all ages should have glute training in their workouts), shoulder and upper-body exercises. You can follow this routine below or modify it to make the exercises more or less difficult.

A quick note about the glutes – the glutes are the hip stabilizers. Sometimes we get long-time athletes and gym enthusiasts who completely miss out on glute training (until they develop an injury or strain). Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be an athlete or gym enthusiast to do glute exercises. Hip stability is something we ALL need, especially as we age – for hip stability, low back health, and fall prevention. Not to mention, the glutes are the largest muscle in the body so if they are not strong and engaged, we are missing out on a large part of our training. 


I also learned an adage very early in my fitness career and that was – ‘better butt, better back.’ SO true. I would also add, “better hip mobility, better life” (sounds funny but restricted hips have numerous mind and body correlations) (2 links to our clients favourite hip mobility routines at the end of this page):  

Enjoy the foam roller workout.
Remember, the extra benefit of using the foam roller is it’s instability – meaning your body has to use more stability – so as to fire up extra stabilizer muscles!


(video is sped up 2x, take your time, it’s pretty wobbley!)



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