Great Full Body Stretch (the assisted version)!

If you saw our post on the Great Full Body Stretch to target areas you are likely missing  we hope you got to try it out. 

We have had some people comment and tell us they are unable to get into the starting position of this stretch. I hear ya!!! 

Even though I stretch on my own, I always need a good tune up – done by someone else so I can just breathe, and be lazy for an hour. 

Here is a video of our team member Jessica, performing the assisted version of the Great Full Body Stretch! 

She usually works this into my Stretch session, but for the video purposes we wanted to show you all what it would look like if someone were to help you. 

Ofcourse, not just anyone can perform this stretch on you and a professional is trained to ‘feel’ when your end range is (AKA when to stop assisting you through the stretch). 

The perk of this one for me is I can relax completely and also get an added inner thigh and groin stretch that I don’t get when performing it on my own! 

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about this stretch, Stretch Therapy, or want to come in to have it done on you! 

YES! That looks delicious and I want!!

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