How to Walk Properly – 2 Things to Keep in Mind

In our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, our joints tend to stiffen up (even if we’re active…, we’re human).

Unless we take dedicated time to improve our ankle and foot mobility, chances are – the way we walk has adapted to this new (lesser) mobility…. Which then leads to various issues – knee pain, back pain, ankle tightness, plantar fasciatis, heel pain, loss of balance, and as we age, our ability to move quickly and react diminishes due to the tight fascia and the lack of joint mobility.

We get a lot of people coming in with various issues such as ankle, feet, knee, hip, sacroiliac joint issues (all major weight bearing joints of the body). Sometimes they know what it is, sometimes all they know is that it’s inhibiting their activity level!

Anyways, 9/10 times we’ll teach people how to walk properly to avoid the slew of compensatory patterns that have led them to us.

So, as much as I can say in a minute, here are the 2 main things to be aware of when you walk!


Hope it helps Рand like I say Try it Tuesday, but also try it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 

Reach out if you have questions/need some help evaluating your mechanics!