Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Footwear

Hi guys!

Finally did a video on what to keep in mind when you are choosing your shoes!

Years ago I learned that the joint you’re experiencing pain at is likely NOT where the issue lies…rather it is likely the joint above the site of pain, or the joint below the site of pain.

Since then, many case studies of clients, clinical research, studying Fascial Stretch Therapy, and of course our real life clients, it has gone to show that foot mechanics have a large impact on how the rest of the body moves. This is also why we’ve done 2 previous posts on it, and spend time checking out our clients mechanics from head to toe in efforts to pin-point any factors that are contributing to hip, knee, back, and shoulder pain.

How to Walk Properly – 2 Things to Keep in Mind

Toe and Foot Stretches to Help You Walk Properly

While footwear is not the ONLY thing to keep in mind, when evaluating your mechanics, wearing the WRONG shoes can highly effect the stress put on the knees and hips, low back, and up the chains to the shoulders and neck.

The right shoes can help mitigate many issues such as knee pain, foot PAIN (or tired feet), and low back pain which start at the feet

Stretches to Help (Prevent) Knee Pain

Here is the 3 min video and believe me, I could have gone on for 10. Watch as you feel necessary and let us know if you have any questions!