Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciatis: Leg Exercises

Welcome to our Part 3 of 4 blog posts in the “Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciatis” series – Leg Exercises and Stretches


In today’s video, we go over single leg exercises and stretches have been pivotal in helping people overcome their pain. The message I really want to get across is that foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, are signals that there is a root issue. The foot pain/knee pain/back pain is a symptom and signal for your body to start either stretching, strengthening, or releasing an area that has lost it’s elasticity. The idea behind this 4 part blog series is to outline the 4 main components that have helped our clients with foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, back pain.

So far you’ve learned:


In our previous blog (part 2) we touched on the importance of the ‘short foot’ exercise and picking up a towel off the floor with your feet. Strengthening exercises for the feet are essential to overcoming foot pain and various other symptoms. 


You will notice in this weeks video, many of the exercises and stretches require balancing on a single-leg component. Standing on a single-leg activates muscles in your feet that are generally weak.


TRY THIS: Stand on a single-leg for 1 minute and look down at your foot, you will notice all the little foot muscles and ankle wiggling around. SUCCESS! We need to do this regularly to "wake-up" all those little tiny foot muscles


Jessica has put together some of our favourite exercises and stretches to give to clients as warm-ups (everyone from our ‘super fit’ clients to our novice clients go through single-leg exercises), it’s not only ‘rehabilitative,’ rather it is a necessary piece to the puzzle for joint laxity and maintaining your energy.


Here’s a quick intro (you are also welcome to skip right to the exercises video below)


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